Abbreviated  VITA


Professor Emeritus, Departments of Religion and Philosophy, Syracuse University

77 Vesper St. #1, Portland ME 04101,


1968                   Ph.D.  Philosophy, University of California Santa Barbara

1966                   M.A.   Philosophy, University of California Santa Barbara

1962-64                                      American Studies, University of Michigan

1962                   B.A.    Philosophy, Oberlin College


2015 –                       Lecturer, University of Maine, Orono

2013 – 2014               Lecturer, Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University

2002-2013                Professor, Religion and Philosophy, Syracuse University

2002-                        Emeritus Professor, California State, University, Sonoma

1968-2002               Assistant Professor/Professor, California State University, Sonoma


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“Literature, Philosophy, and the Classroom,” The Vitalist, June 2012

“The 60s: Protests and Burn Out”, a video oral history available (on invitation: write; then

“Reflections on a Career Teaching in Religion,” lead response introducing 10 interviews, Religious Studies News, Fall, 2005.


“Is Liberalism a Failed Religion? The Case of the Danish Cartoons,” Counterpunch, Feb 2006

“What is Free Speech?  The HillTV Scandal,” The Daily Orange, December 2005


Clinton Square, Syracuse;  Booksmith, Brookline MA;  Live Oak Books, Berkeley CA


Featured Author, Kierkegaard Society Meetings, San Francisco AAR, November 19, 2011: Commentators: Sharon Krishek, Haifa, Rick Furtak, Colorado College, Sheridan Hough, Charleston

President, Kierkegaard Society of North America, 2011-13

Presented the George Utech Memorial Seminars: led discussions of my work with Summer Research Fellows, Hong Kierkegaard Center, St Olaf, MN., July 2010

Curator of Henry Bugbee’s Papers

Thoreau Blog, Mists on the Rivers: Thoreauvian Reflections on Wonder and Suffering

Guest Editor, Religious Studies News, Spotlight on Teaching, Fall 2005; Conducted and edited  interviews with 10 senior scholars

International Conference Organizer: Festschrift conference-celebration for Alastair Hannay,  Kierkegaard Research Center, Copenhagen,  August 18-20, 2004

Consulting Editor:  International Kierkegaard Commentary, Eithe/Or  Vol II., ed. Robert L. Perkins, Mercer University Press, 1995

Referee, several Grant Projects for National Endowment for the Humanities; Referee, Grant Projects for Canadian Humanities Council

Keynote Address, Søren Kierkegaard Society, American Philosophical Society, Dec. 28, 2008

J. Glenn Gray Lecturer, Colorado College, April 12-14, 2006

“Postcards,” Notable Essay, The Best American Essays 1999,  Houghton Mifflin

Sixth Annual Henry Bugbee Lecturer, University of Montana, May, 1997

National Endowment for the Humanities, Summer Stipend, 1988

NEH Summer Institute for Philosophy, 1974


American Kierkegaard Society  (President 2011;  Exec. Committee  ’95-’01)

American Philosophical Association

Society for Continental Philosophy and Theology

National Honor Society for the Study of Religion

Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy

International Association for Environmental Philosophy

American Academy of Religion

Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy

Pacific Coast Theological Society


2 comments on “CV

  1. remckee says:

    Ed… probably don’t remember me from Sonoma State…we called it back then…. I studied there from 1998 to 2001….graduated in 2000. I served for a while as a graduate assistant….. I have followed your work over the years…and have preached several times on your studies on the book of Job..often citing my experiences with your teachings. After leaving Sonoma I sent to UC Riverside and completed a MA, then years working at B Dalton Bookseller and more recently ordained in The Episcopal Church…serving in Minneapolis. I have grown, now at 64, into a theological philosopher if there is such a thing…and teach often in this area at the local seminary….Meister Ekhart, Kierkegaard, Spong, Matt Fox, and more recently Robin Myers…. what we call the emergent church… I pray you are well….clearly you are prospering… much of who I have become is rooted in my experiences with you at Sonoma…and you have my gratitude. shalom, Rex

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