Melville and Others

A review of my recent book crisscrosses various themes I address now and again here in my blog. I’ll re-post it after the book review has been officially published.

2 comments on “Melville and Others

  1. garylw says:

    Hi Ed, What a treat to read this review of your book. It speaks so well of your work and of the beautiful reach and arc of your vision, which lyrically embraces philosophy, poetry and literature. It’s an abundant reach and a graceful expression of what’s offered from these different ways to delve into the mysteries of embodied life on planet earth. I so appreciate how you’ve inspired and guided my own way of participating in these different worlds of words and visions. Bless you for all that you have brought to life by revealing the intersectioning of all these writers, sojourners and thinkers.

    Congratulations on having your work witnessed so elegantly and beautifully. Love, Gary PS I’m in Copenhagen as I write this. I’ve had one stirring sense of Kierkegaard so far, some apparently random place along a street where suddenly I was aware of his presence and the possibility that I was looking down some avenue that he may have once, or more, looked down as well. Having a very good time and riding bicycles all over the city.


  2. dmf says:

    always grateful for the revival of Bugbee, on his meditations on Job do you think this kind of
    being/thinking-with can be taught in a classroom on the schedule of a semester?

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