An Experiment with News

As some of you know from a previous post on the menace of news, I’ve been struggling with a dilemma: I find it nearly impossible not to read the news. Yet I don’t like the bitter taste it leaves. In an attempt at self-preservation, I started a small file of worthy bits of resistance that left me hopeful and heartened rather than despairing.

Here are selections from my file perhaps of interest to those who remember that Thoreau followed political news carefully even as he confessed on Mt Greylock that the advertisements were more interesting than the news. In “Slavery in Massachusetts” he says the news has made it impossible to delight in his daily walks.

Disclaimer: obviously I’m cheering on the sometimes quiet resisters in our midst, and trying to counter my own doldrums and outrage. The following items are ‘cherry picked,’  and in an attempt to minimize clutter I’ve not cited sources, though I confess, I’m addicted to daily reading in NYTimes, Washington Post, and Boston Globe.

In no particular order of importance, and just from this week:

**At least three members of the Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots have said they will not visit the White House for the traditional meeting that championship teams have with the president.

**Some critics are calling on cable news outlets to bar Kelleyanne Conway from appearing on air, and CNN declined to have her on as a guest Sunday.

**with Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly, Trump said that “maybe it’ll take till sometime into next year” for his administration to unveil a new health-care plan. It is, the president said, “very complicated.”

**Nordstrom, Trump’s latest Twitter target, seems largely immune to the president’s public bashing. He criticized the retailer for dropping Ivanka Trump products — and its stock value climbed.

**Ivanka’s clothing line removed from prominence at T J Maxx and Marshals [Nordstrom has already dropped her]

** Trump’s Supreme Court nominee called Trump’s attacks on the independent judiciary “demoralizing” and “disheartening.” (Trump found the judges had failed to grasp concepts even “a bad high school student would understand.”

**Silencing Warren has given her a boost nationally.

The first of a predicted 14 inches of snow falls silently outside . . .

4 comments on “An Experiment with News

  1. dmf says:

    been struggling with this too, and doubting the value in some ways of the ideal of being an “informed” citizen, what would it mean to be informed enough and to what end?
    just finished Branka Arsic’s book on Thoreau’s rather idiosyncratic takes on mourning and the tragic and didn’t find anything to directly apply but left wondering if there isn’t some way of working thru the painful images, perhaps not meditating on corpses as they might elsewhere but someway of bearing the decay and the limits of our mortal grasps?

  2. Penny DeWind says:

    We have to have strict rules about when and when not to read the papers now… not after 9:00AM and not until 5:00PM. It helps a little, but occasionally we cheat. Cheating just leads to our being more downhearted and frightened.

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