This theme of reality as a wilderness is the theme that unites my life.

It enfolds and simplifies, comprehends and completes.

Whenever I awaken, I awaken to it. It carries with it the gift of life.

—Henry Bugbee, The Inward Morning

We sometimes think a dawn of meaning or discovery brings answers to a restless, questioning mind. But as often it opens new vistas, and sometimes boundless ones.

Then life’s streams and seas lift us bodily, offer glimpses of worlds too strange to know, and sounds of grief or celebration.

This is the tangled and alluring place our lives are found, bound in wonders, urgent and captivating.

Here we find the vital ebb and flow of world as it dawns, new and mobile, ageless and weathered.

This is an inward morning, a home in wilderness. As Henry Bugbee has it, wilderness “carries with it the gift of life.”

–Introduction, The Inward Morning



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