Very Merry Merry

There are times for celebration, for good cheer, for friendship, kidding, reaching for lobsters in empty pots, not being overly reverent about Christmas & Hanukkah or any season that has lost the tenor of joy. 

There are times for be-here-now and times for recalling the good, remembering the bad or the bland.

This is a fine day in Portland where fun and companionship triumph, and there’s no looking under the hood, nor lamenting nor praising the past.

Just two gents basking in sun, and a spunky lady with lens relishing the moment too.


One comment on “Very Merry Merry

  1. dmf says:

    what a lovely moment of seasons greetings, thanks for sharing

    Eastern Sea, 100 fathoms,
    green sand, pebbles,
    broken shells.

    Off Suno Saki, 60 fathoms,
    gray sand, pebbles,
    bubbles rising.

    and slow-
    motion benthos!

    The fishery vessel Ion
    drops anchor here
    plankton smears and fauna.

    Plasma-bearer, visible
    sea purge,
    sponge and kelpleaf.
    Halicystus the Sea Bottle

    resembles emeralds
    and is the largest
    cell in the world.

    Young sea horse
    Hippocampus twenty
    minutes old,

    nobody has ever
    seen this marine
    freak blink.

    It radiates on
    terminal vertebra
    a comb of twenty

    upright spines
    and curls
    its rocky tail.

    Saltflush lobster
    bull encrusted swims

    backwards from the rock.

    Carl Rakosi, “The Lobster

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