“ Go not to the object let it come to you.”

“ Go not to the object let it come to you” (Thoreau, Princeton edition of the Journals, vol 5, 344

Each thought that is welcomed and recorded is a nest egg— by the side of which more will be laid. Thoughts accidentally thrown together become a frame— in which more may be developed—& exhibited. Perhaps this is the main value of a habit of writing— of keeping a journal. That so we remember our best hours—& stimulate ourselves. My thoughts are my company— They have a certain individuality & separate existence— aye personality. Having by chance recorded a few disconnected thoughts and then brought them into juxtaposition— they suggest a whole new field in which it was possible to labor & to think. Thought begat thought. (PJ 4: 277– 78)

“ in the true natural order the order or system is not insisted on. … The species and individuals of all the natural kingdoms ask our attention and admiration in a round robin” (J XIV: 119).


2 comments on ““ Go not to the object let it come to you.”

  1. dmf says:

    When I am alone I am happy.
    The air is cool. The sky is
    flecked and splashed and wound
    with color. The crimson phalloi
    of the sassafras leaves
    hang crowded before me
    in shoals on the heavy branches.
    When I reach my doorstep
    I am greeted by
    the happy shrieks of my children
    and my heart sinks.
    I am crushed.

    Are not my children as dear to me
    as falling leaves or
    must one become stupid
    to grow older?
    It seems much as if Sorrow
    had tripped up my heels.
    Let us see, let us see!
    What did I plan to say to her
    when it should happen to me
    as it has happened now?

    “Waiting” by William Carlos Williams

  2. dmf says:

    teaching Plato in Palestine:

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