Utter clarity in communication !


Some of you will have noticed my continually asking how worthy texts and issues might be presented in ways that preserve the good and the beautiful. 

I occasionally am startled to realize the extent to which this is not a universal aspiration. As when I encountered the following, God help us — a description of a talk by a reputable professor at a reputable university:

This talk situates the intersections of sex, disability, and reproductive politics within the history of homonationalism in Israel/Palestine. I focus specifically on the use of disability-especially as the Israeli state was founded on a narrative of rehabilitating dispersed, traumatized diasporas into bodily health and national wholeness–as part of a biopolitical assemblage of control that instrumentalizes a spectrum of capacities and debilities for the use of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. I rearticulate sexual rights and the debates on “pinkwashing” within biopolitical frames by linking them to the slow rise of disability rights platforms in Israel, the convergence of eugenic selective abortion practices on the one hand and the pro-natalist attitudes of the state, supported by its stellar Assisted Reproductive Technology industry, on the other, and the growing population of LGBT parents and families in Israel.





2 comments on “Utter clarity in communication !

  1. dmf says:

    outside of the hard sciences that has been the state of the art since the 80’s in higher-ed.

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