Excursions with Edward F. Mooney Pt. III

Dean Dettloff

Excursions with Edward F. Mooney

Part III: Whirling, Living, Dancing

This post is part of an ongoing series. Part I.Part II.

 Dean Dettloff:You covered a lot of ground in your previous answer, Ed, anticipating a few other questions I could have followed-up with. Your previous response ended in a reflection highlighting the pin-wheeled nature of your being, that is, while you may have distinguishable parts or facets, all of them blur together in the motion of life itself. This feeds retroactively into your discussion of teaching and intimacy, wherein your commitments to intimacy and its recovery are not put on hold when you enter your “professional” role but instead integrate wholly together as you touch the lives of students through the gifts you have been given. With this in mind and your veteran-status as an educator, what kind of advice would you have for those…

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5 comments on “Excursions with Edward F. Mooney Pt. III

  1. dmfant says:

    talking with Ed is always a welcome and heartening alternative happening in an age of “social” media.

  2. dmfant says:

    God, I know nothing, my sense is all nonsense,
    And fear of You begins intelligence:
    Does it end there? For sexual love, for food,
    For books and birch trees I claim gratitude,
    But when I grieve over the unripe dead
    My grief festers, corrupted into dread,
    And I know nothing. Give us our daily bread.

    “A Grace” by Donald Hal

  3. dirk says:

    Fear and Trembling in Copenhagen – In Search of Soren Kierkegaard

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