Earnest Fun

Apparently Thoreau could live in the spirit we find in his writing — a wonderful fun and foolishness mixed with seriousness and fidelity to conviction.

After an hour’s  visit to the visibly failing Thoreau, mid-January, a year after Thoreau  catches the cold that begins his decline (and 6 months before he dies), Theo Brown remarks on

the same depth of earnestness, the same infinite depth of fun going on at the same time



3 comments on “Earnest Fun

  1. What’s Sartre’s line? “Anguish is opposed to the spirit of seriousness”?

  2. J.P. Rosensweig says:

    beautiful– reminds me in many ways of the passage in the Gay Science, where Nietzsche gives voice to his title by saying, or rather asking, if I remember correctly, why do deep questions about human existence have to always be taken seriously?

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