Why do we argue?

Socrates does argue, but he does not take refuge in arguments.  And the conclusions of his arguments are not, in any simple way, the conclusions arrived at by his conversations.  Socrates’ pedagogy is a mystagogy.

—   Kelly Dean Jolley, “Metaschematizing Socrates” in Hamann and the Tradition


4 comments on “Why do we argue?

  1. dmf says:


    “O City of Ships” is performed by Jesse Blumberg, Thomas Bagwell, & Martha Guth, music by Ricky Ian Gordon.

    “City Of Orgies, Walks And Joys!” is performed by Blythe Gaissert, Alex Richardson, & Harumi Rhodes, music by Jorge Martín.

  2. dmf says:

    “Into the awareness of the thunder itself the awareness of the previous silence creeps and continues; for what we hear when the thunder crashes is not thunder pure, but thunder- breaking-upon-silence-and-contrasting-with-it.”
    -W. James

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