Too dark for summer?

Cattalus 101

Many the peoples many the oceans I crossed

I arrive at these poor, brother, burials

 so I could give you the last gift owed to death

and talk (why?) with mute ash.

Now that Fortuna tore you from me, you

Oh poor (wrongly) brother (wrongly) taken from me

now still anyway this – what a distant mood of parents   

handed down as the sad gift for burials

accept! Soaked with tears of a brother

And into forever, brother, farewell and farewell

                                                                           Anne Carson, NOX, 2010




One comment on “Too dark for summer?

  1. dmf says:

    Cut Grass

    Cut grass lies frail:
    Brief is the breath
    Mown stalks exhale.
    Long, long the death

    It dies in the white hours
    Of young-leafed June
    With chestnut flowers,
    With hedges snowlike strewn,

    White lilac bowed,
    Lost lanes of Queen Anne’s lace,
    And that high-builded cloud
    Moving at summer’s pace.

    -Philip Larkin

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